Wa The First Dream

WA FIRST DREAM is an action RPG game  where the player takes the role of
Wa, the embodiment of a deity on a quest to destroy 16 powerful entities from
an infant world that the deity is dreaming into existence.

The game focuses primarily on fighting the 16 powerful bosses, each of which is
a unique and different challenge.
Players will be able to customize Wa with different equipment, moves and
attributes in order to counter the mechanics of a particular boss fight.
As the players progress they learn more about the world that is being created,
about the nightmare that is trying to corrupt it and the insidious masters behind
it all.

In addition to that there will be specific boss challenges as well as a heroic mode
where bosses are fought in rapid succession and with increasing difficulty.
All of this will foster a competitive atmosphere and a great deal of replayability.
(Replayability has always been RPG biggest downfall, since it’s story driven
gameplay cannot offer more than one playthrough).
After a while, we plan to work on franchise a new title, Wa The Second Dream, then the Third one…