About Us

Founded in March of 2003, Prime Time Ltd. is an independent film animation and game production Company based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The company deals with video production, concept art development, filming, animation and CGI, however focuses on Film , 3D animation and Game its main activity.
The company’s founder Adnan Ćuhara has more than 15 years of experience in the BiH entertainment industry and has produced short films, feature films, TV shows, animation shorts, commercials and music videos. Upon founding Prime Time, Adnan’s idea and dream was to have an animation and game studio in BiH that would employ young people who wish to work in this industry (regardless of previous experience), focusing on creativity, innovation and human resources as the companies most valuable assets.

To date, Prime Time has produced over 3000 releases in the Bosnian market including documentaries, short animation films, short films, industrial and commercial material and TV production.
Film production

o 2005 – Children of Pazaric, documentary
o 2005/ 2006 – Mum and Dad Reality Show, film by Faruk Loncarevic
o 2007 – Promo Tourism movies / Museums of Sarajevo, Old Crafts and Religious Tourism
o 2008 – The Seeker, documentary about Amor Masovic, Human rights
o 2010 – Crazy Dance, animation
o 2011 – Stone tale, animation
o 2012 – The path of life’s beauty, documentary
o 2016 – Azdaja, animation and live action
o 2016 – BEHAR, short – producer
o 2016 – Scream for me Sarajevo, documentary
o 2017 – BIRDS LIKE US, animation